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What we do

Financial markets are dynamic, complex and constantly changing systems.
We believe artificial intelligence can capture recurrent patterns successfully and enable humans to make better trading decisions.
We are a research company whose approach is:

  • Scientific: We like good ideas. But we like them better when they are empirically tested and validated.
  • Pragmatic: Our research aims at delivering working solutions to real-world problems.
  • Consistent: We want our algorithms to quickly adapt to several asset classes and investment styles.

Who we are

Giuseppe Russo

Giuseppe Russo

  • Co-Founder & CEO - EXVAi Research
  • Quantitative Researcher - Société Générale CIB
  • Data Scientist - Bending Spoons
  • Stats & Finance - Catholic University of Milan
Stefano Dalla Palma

Stefano Dalla Palma

  • Co-Founder & CTO - EXVAi Research
  • A.I. Business Developer - Orobix
  • Data Scientist - Société Générale CIB
  • Economics & Econometrics - Bocconi University
Arnaud Bouchet

Arnaud Bouchet

  • COO - EXVAi Research
  • Global Head of Proprietary Trading - Société Générale CIB
  • Managing Director - Société Générale CIB
  • Credit Trader - Deutsche Bank


We’re always looking for candidates with a background in artificial intelligence, statistics, mathematics, physics or computer science.

Send us your cv to: [email protected]

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